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You have to remember that the strongest chains on this planet that will ever bind you and crush your character are invisible chains. Worst of all, these are chains that you put on yourself. These are mental chains that you chose to believe in. If you want to get a lot more pussy at adult date sites or achieve more victories in all areas of your life, you have to get rid of those chains. These are called limiting beliefs.

Some common limiting beliefs that I’ve encountered talking to people at free sex sites are as follows: sex is dirty, sex is a sin, sex is fucked up, sex will lead to all sorts of fucked up shit, you’re a bad person for thinking about sex, on and on and on. The funny thing is, the most freakiest people believe this shit. The reason why they became freaky in the first place is because they believed in these really judgmental and soul-corroding pieces of mental crap.

There is a reason why a lot of the most sexually promiscuous women were raised in parochial schools. I’m talking strict catholic upbringing because they were so suppressed when they were kids that when they became women, it’s like all hell broke loose. I’ve seen this first hand in college in California and it’s crazy. I mean, it’s great if you’re the dude fucking all that pussy you met on , but it’s fucked up. If you’re on the other side, I can empathize with them. It’s like being released from prison.

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It’s easy to come up with all sorts of messed up stereotypes regarding women who take off their clothes in front of a camera on the Internet. It’s very easy to condemn these women. It’s very easy to dismiss them, marginalize them or otherwise diminish their humanity. After all we would all like to believe that we don’t know any women who are desperate enough to take their clothes off in front of total strangers from all four corners of the Internet, right?

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