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It’s easy to come up with all sorts of messed up stereotypes regarding women who take off their clothes in front of a camera on the Internet. It’s very easy to condemn these women. It’s very easy to dismiss them, marginalize them or otherwise diminish their humanity. After all we would all like to believe that we don’t know any women who are desperate enough to take their clothes off in front of total strangers from all four corners of the Internet, right?

Well, the reality is that webcam chicks and webcam models are all over the place. In fact you may be even living in the same household as one. As the global economy continues to remain tough in certain areas many women are realizing that girls on webcam make quite a bit of money. These are otherwise professional or highly-educated women who have discovered that you can make serious dollars taking off your clothes in front of total strangers on the Internet.

Chances are you won’t run across these people on the street. Chances are you probably won’t rub shoulders with these people in your everyday dealings. This factor is enough for many otherwise perfectly normal, average women to let go of their inhibitions and take the plunge. Make no mistake about it, girls on webcam aren’t all drug addicts. They aren’t all crazy and they definitely aren’t all crackheads. In fact, most of them are perfectly normal, just have a look at


The funny thing about sociology and the study of the human species, as far as a social organism is concerned, is that it has no boundaries. I mean, a lot of conservative political commentators make a big deal about the fact that many liberal arts colleges have PhD dissertations that cover topics ranging from cereal box covers to romance novels. The underlying implication is that this is a subject matter that is not worth serious study. The whole idea behind this mocking attitude is that parents are wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars getting their kids ‘educated.’

Sociologists would beg to differ. Society as a whole is always creating products. These products are not what you think they are. They are not necessarily physical things that you can see, touch, hear, taste, or smell. Conservatives would like to think that the product that society creates is essentially frozen in terms of its physical forms. Sadly for them, life isn’t like that. Not at all.

It’s easy to see that social expressions can take the place of architecture, arts, and industrial products, but it goes beyond that. It can also be a choice of comedy. It could be a political campaign button. Seemingly banal physical products and activities can actually say quite a bit about the society in which those products proliferate.

The same applies to watching cam girls live on camgirlslive. You might think that this is just purely physical, sexual, or personal, but in reality there’s a lot of sociology going on. How people interact is almost always filtered through their cultural lenses. Never lose sight of this.

If you factor in sociological pressures, as well as rewards, studying how guys interact with cam girls live on webcams can actually yield quite a bit of hidden surprises. It can lead to profound and deep insights regarding cultural and social condition and expectations.


You might be thinking that there a lot of cheating women out there. After all, if you watch any kind of reality TV you might be thinking that there’s some major social trend spreading like wildfire in America from coast to coast where women, in otherwise committed relationships, end up looking for sex on the side. So the question becomes: what are these women looking for? Why would they want to turn their backs on guys that have committed to them? Maybe they seem to have a strong marriage, why are they looking for sex on the side? The answer might actually shock you. The answer is it’s not necessarily about the sex. Sure, sex plays a very strong role, but sex really is just a shorthand for the other issues that are going on in a relationship.

You have to understand that a relationship involves sacrifice on both sides. You can no longer date a lot of people. You have to give up a lot of your freedom. Unfortunately, this doesn’t sit well with a lot of people and there are many ways people deal with this. Some people deal with this just by nagging their partners to hell. Other people deal with this by finding a hobby or putting more time into work. It’s all about finding a channel. Some women find their channel in terms of cheating. They feel that when they cheat they recapture a lot of the sense of adventure, fun and even sense of danger that their relationship used to have.

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